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08.26.2011, 12:10 AM

Originally Posted by scarletboa View Post
back on topic:
there are four things i think are essential for proper home security:
1. a good short-range gun (shotgun preferred)
2. a large, family friendly dog that DOES NOT tolerate intruders (dobermans are great for this)
3. motion sensor lights and/or CCTV monitors.
4. a family plan for the event of a break-in
I have a mixed dog, he looks part Rotty and part Shepherd. He's big, but is the biggest wuss EVER! The two small yappers across the street were coming too close to me one evening while I was rolling the trash bins to the curb, so I yelled at them and it was my dog (who was nearby) who got scared and rolled over on his back in supplication. Sheesh, some help he is! I think that if someone broke in, he'd be looking to me for protection instead of the other way around.

I do have a house alarm, but rarely set it when we're home. The wife tends to forget it's on and it goes into alarm when she lets the dog outside in the morning. I do have motion lights outside (which reminds me; I have to replace one of the burned out bulbs). No CCTV though.

As far as a family break-in plan is concerned, it goes like this: 1) someone hears something suspicious, 2) they wake me up to take care of it, 3) end of plan.

So anyway, sometime this weekend I plan on visiting a couple gun shops and seeing what they have. I just didn't want to rely on their advice seeing as how all they want is to sell something. At least now, I have some solid points of interest to go on.
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