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08.26.2011, 01:14 PM

Are us southerners the only ones that know our NFA stuff?

As for what kind of loads to use Birdshot is very effective in CCB. Most instances you will be less than 10' away from an attacker and I can tell you for sure that a 1 oz load of birdshot will kill someone just as dead as buckshot. As for over penetration 00 Buck will pass through several walls in a house with ease. I keep my 870 loaded with #7 shot which is what I use for skeet. I also use Glaser's in my .357 Mag and Corbon personal defense loads in my Kel Tec Sub 2000, Although I have a 35 round mag (it's a taurus mag I modified to fit my S&W maged Sub)that is full of FMJ ammo right next to it.


The Warnings & Cautions discussed in this manual cant cover all possible conditions/situations. It must be understood that common sense and caution are factors which cant be built into this product.
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