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Novak Ballistic 8 1Y review
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Novak Ballistic 8 1Y review - 01.24.2012, 01:14 AM

Mr. Bob Novak send me a 1Y 1514 stator to play with. The 1Y is 2850kV. I didn't ask what the coil resistance was. I was also told that the 1Y will be good to run 2s in a light buggy, which would enhance handling. I figure it will do good with some more timing on 2s in my Rustler or CRT.5.
Well anyways I swapped out the stators which is stupid easy. Soldered up the wires with 6mm bullets and hooked to the RX8, which is set for really low timing at the moment. I was expecting some more grunt at the lowend vs the D wind and I wasn't disappointed. Would make for a nice drag racing motor was the first thing I thought off when I saw it launch. The GRP tires held me back though.

I just did a few runs for now just to get a feel for it. Too damn tired today from work and kids and it's midnight as I'm writing this up.

Gearing was set at 47/18. Tires are some hard GRP's. Car is my black Ofna GTP. Batteries were the 4s1p GensAce hardcase. Tekin RX8 with the sensor being used.
Top speed was 50.2mph in about 137ft, and took about 4 long seconds with the GRP's. The motor has way more in it and I'll find out what it is when I have some more time.

Here are some pics:

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