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My e-revo is alive!!!!!!
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My e-revo is alive!!!!!! - 08.23.2008, 10:15 PM

got my MMM today (thanks sower)

and i had to run it, but all i had for a motor is a hvmaxx 4.5 , but it worked great

i geared it 11/68 for about 38 mph and temps after 15 min of w/o running were

motor 130
esc 105
batterys 95

i may go to a 12 tooth but it is actually pretty darn good now , of caurse it is nothing like a 1515 on 5s , but it would be great on a track

i think a 1512 2700kv motor would be sweet in here

anyway heres some pics of my soon to be racer

and a plastic plate to mount the esc with velcro , and soon a zip-tie as well

thoughts on the 1512? i think it would be fine because of the high gear reduction
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