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01.18.2011, 08:30 PM

I was actually thinking I could widen the arm pivot points, so they sit farther away from the bulks. That way the arms are not crazy long.

I would have to find a suitable dogbone, but a truggy bone with buggy arms and wider pivot plates (not sure what to call them but they are the al plates that attach to the bulks that the hinge pins go thru) may work.

400mm, 15.75 inch appears to be a std width for 5th scale on road cars, and I have found 535mm wb bodies. So around 21" wb.

Seems like an easy project, pick up some sort of cheap buggy, like a hyper 7, widen it out to fit the body, make a chassis and some braces or a backbone, and lock the center diff. Run something like a 1520 motor on 6s with a MMM.

Wheels are the main issues I see. I could always make a hub adapter to accept the square drive. Any ideas where to find a variety of 1/5 tires?
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