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01.20.2011, 07:45 PM


You can connect a 4s and a 2s pack, but keep in mind they still need to be the same cells. It will technically work, but don't connect a 2s 2200mah pack with a 4 5000mah pack. Something like a 2s 5ah turnigy 20c lipo with a 4s 5ah turnigy 20c lipo will work great. It also helps if the cells are the same age and have the same number of runs on them as performance drops as the pack gets used.

All the cells in a pack are connected in a series; drawing out a wiring diagram a 6s pack will look exactly the same as a 4s and 2s pack in a series except a few wires will be longer.

The biggest thing is that no one cell gets below 3.0v per cell. That is why all the cells should be the same, so one doesn't drop before the rest.
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