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11.05.2020, 03:11 AM

Originally Posted by maxxximatoze View Post
Here the measures of the electrical specs of my 2028 800Kv (bundle with XLX2):

rm=4.3 milliohm phase to phase at the solder tabs (measured at 10A DC, +- 1.5% variability between phases) and about 1 milliohm for the wires (8awg 22cm two times)

i0=2.7A at 15V (about 40W) and 3.6A at 30V (about 110W)

Kv=about 800 to 810 Kv at 30V (+- 1% measured with an oscilloscope, temperature dependent)

As far as can tell it is really well made. very nice for the price. Need to see through time...
After break in, the I0 current is stabilized at 2.4A at 15V (measured at 792Kv) and 3.2A at 30V (measured at 800Kv) which is very good. The motor is quiet without vibration and the torque is smooth. All in all, it's a very good motor. So now we have to see if it is as reliable as the other Castle motors... to be continued.
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