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Life changes
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Life changes - 08.18.2014, 02:52 PM

hey James. How's the little one doing? how's family life in general? We have had a few life changes of our own around here as well. We just moved from Prague to Virginia, and we now only have two teenagers left at home (15 & 18). I have been a bit preoccupied with the move and trying to get our new home setup, & trying to find new employment, but in a few months time I should be able to get back into playing with my toys once again. I am currently finishing out the garage of this house for the owner, and should have a shop of some kind soon. Not sure how extreme I will be able to get with this one just yet. I have to wait and see what kind of discretionary income I end up with when I get back to work. Have to pay the bills, but our standard of living has definitely changed for the better for sure. Living stateside again is a nice change after many years abroad. I haven't gotten in here as much as I use to simply because the subject matter has gotten kind of stale for the most part. The latest RTR LiPo powered vehicles have gotten so good that there is no where near as much modifying going on anymore. The home made and custom CNC stuff is where the fun is IMHO. Haven't seen TD57 aka Sean around in years either. Life changes things. Good to see you home again sir.

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