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03.03.2016, 05:50 PM

Originally Posted by lincpimp View Post
Necro thread!!!

I missed the last few posts for 2 yrs!! Nice to see you guys (at least Jerry) think so highly of me.

Well I am in full tilt hobby room makeover. Moving everything around and I found the 6x6 maxx in pieces. Decided it needed to have a new maxx 2speed wide ratio trans and possibly a dual outrunner power setup. So I spent the last few hours digging thru my parts and have found most of a new emaxx trans. Ordered a 2 speed kit off amazon, 35 bucks shipped, I remember rc being more expensive??? Maybe I just have a different view of money since the gun hobby hit full tilt. Dropping a few stacks on a custom gun build was not unusual.

Anyways, I will get some pics up. Might have to make/modify the front chassis to fit the new emaxx tans. I may just make an adapter plate so I can use the BBP chassis and braces. That is next on my list to do.

I will be honest I miss the research and brainstorming we all did here. I look back and fooling with rc seemed to happen in a simpler part of my life, and I would like to go back to that!!! My daughter is 3.5 now and is a lot less stressful so I seem to have more time.

Pull I have some cool new tools I am sure you will all want to see. Stay tuned!

I must have missed the cool new tools and the finished 6x6 product?

N. Rustler conversion
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