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06.21.2017, 12:27 PM

Ok, here are 2 of the Tamiay kits I built last week.

The FWD is a M-05. Bought the kit to use the Mazda 2 body for my daughters build, it will be done on my old M-03 chassis! Brushed of course and I may get her some stick packs and a wall charger eventually if she takes to it and wants to run unsupervised. Will likely be lipo for now. The xl5 has a lipo cutoff and I have a few well worn 2200mah 2s packs. There will be a build thread showcasing that as well as a new M-03 chassis build for my enjoyment!

The 4wd with the larger tires is a newer Tamiya M chassis kit. It is built alot like a TL-01 if anyone happens to be familiar with those. Gear diffs with plenty of meat, steel shaft drive. I put bearings in place of all of the bushings that come with the kits. I really like the M chassis kits, smaller scale that a std 10th electric. The 4wd with the sport tuned brushed motor is surprisingly quick, the xl5 and 5000mah 2s lipo likely have a lot to do with that.

Both of these kits will ave brushless motors, as these newer tamiya kits come with a sensored brushless/brushed controller! 60amp max, and the manual states a 13.5t motor limit. They do say with added fan cooling and lower gearing that a 10.5t motor can be used. Tamiya sell their own sensored brushless motors, but they are as high as giraffe butthole, so I have a 13.5t and a 17.5t coming from ebay. The 17.5t will go in the 4wd and the 13.5 will go in the FWD. I will report back with a dedicated thread on those when the motors arrive.
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