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01.31.2013, 08:46 PM

Originally Posted by nastety92 View Post
The Hot Bodies D8 is a buggy and the D8T is the truggy. The RCM Conversion is RC-Monster nitro to electric conversion kit. RC-Monster sells conversion kits for almost any 1/8th scale vehicle.

Have you looked at this buggy yet? It's pretty cheap for what you get.

Stay away from Tamiya stuff for 1/8th scale. Tamiya has yet to test their metal against the big boys in the 1/8th scale world.

If you want a $250 Buggy, I suggest the OFNA Nexx8 Buggy over a Ultra LX which is $200. You have to add electronics and radio gear but its built on the Nexx8 platform which is a direct evolution of the Jammin X2 and older X1 lines. The aluminum is all high quality hard annodized 7075-T6.

I'm STILL bashing a Jammin X1 CRT Pro converted to electric. Most people don't even know what it is because its old and converted to electric. When I tell them its a 7yr old Truggy they are shocked when I tell them that pretty much everything except for the A-arms and a few of the rod-ends is as it came out of the box. The Jammin/Nexx8 stuff is VERY durable.

If you've got more money you start to get more options, the $350 range has quite a few nice kits, and the $450-$550 range has some extremely nice stuff.


Personally, a Buggy will always out handle a Truggy on a track. Its the same drive system but in a shorter wheelbase, lower CoG, and Lighter vehicle. Its more nimble, and because of the lighter 1/8th buggy wheels vs Truggy wheels and decreased overall weight can do more with less power.

BUT!!! If you bash then a Truggy will enable you to take on more substantial terrain with more finesse.


Between an Emaxx and a Truggy I'd ditch the Emaxx every time. The 1/8th scale platforms have proven their worth time and time again. I haven't broken a part on my Jammin Truggy in almost a year. Most of the breakages happen in the colder weather when the plastic is more brittle. During the summer months I've bounced it hard on nose dives and it just drives off.

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