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11.21.2012, 09:31 AM

Originally Posted by knuckle View Post
Guys, in the lower right of this, it's saying not to wire it the way you showed in the diagram?
That applies only if you are using 6s lipo total; if you are using 4-5s, then it's fine.

If you are using 6 lipo however, then just wire the bec to one of the batteries to get power, not both ( like the larger diagram shows ).

If your rx is capable of more than 6v input however ( hv model ), then you can just do like Harold ( paralyzed ) said and connect the external BEC directly to the rx, set for 7.2v, then remove the small red wire from the escs rx cable to disable the escs built-in bec circuit:

the external bec will power the rx & servo in this case, the esc just sends the signal to control left & right + throttle.
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