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03.04.2013, 04:18 PM

Originally Posted by BrianG View Post
By the way, exactly how did they make a graphene layer using a "standard DVD burner"?? In the video, they put the graphite solution on a DVD, put it in the tray, and out pops a graphene disc. I really don't think it's a standard DVD burner because; How does the disc spin at all without whipping the solution off the disc? OK, so maybe they used some custom software to spin the DVD reeeaaaalllly slow. But, how are they "burning" the disc when the laser is facing the underside of the disc? They put the solution-covered DVD facing up (duh, obviously), so is the laser burning through the disc before it hits the solution? Or did they mod the player so the laser is on top (which means it is not a "standard" burner).
Great points, I also wondered about the fluid flinging off, seems like about 4 rpm would be the max. I also doubt other details....

Another article I found (with some good comments)

And another recent video

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