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03.07.2011, 04:02 PM

It is still 10th scale, so I cannot see why a pair of lathe motors and your current equipment would not work just fine.

Do you plan to run rear steer? Pretty sure you can setup the dx3r to mix the 3rd channel. And if you want to add another esc later you can use the dx6i for independant axle control.

My only question would be voltage? 2s or 3s? I liked the way the 55t motors ran on 3s lipo. No sweat for the MM.

Is your ubec adjustable? Picked a servo yet? I would spend the money on a really good servo before shelling out any money for another esc. After reading the specs on the turnigy hv300 that looks like a really good sevo. Use a ccbec to run 11v directly to it and run the rx off the MM internal bec. This would require running 3s lipo, I alays used 2100-2200mah pack on my 10th crawlers as they fit in more places than a larger lipo, and offered plenty of runtime with less weight.
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