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working on a brushless for my wheelchair.....
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05.24.2011, 12:49 AM

An R/C relapse is nothing to make light of. I know the other members here have accepted, maybe even encouraged your recent behavior. You have to realize they are caught in the grips of their own addiction, and seek out like minded individuals.

It's clear to me that your addiction has come back full force, and perhaps even progressed. Cleaning off nitro smutz just to get a fix certainly sounds like the rock bottom to me.

I pray you will be alright. Unfortunately, the path you are on leads straight to death.

Could I get that rustler if you do die? I've got an MM and an aveox lying around somewhere that would really make it move....


It's "Dr. _paralyzed_" actually. Not like with a PhD, but Doctor like in Dr. Pepper.
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