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01.29.2013, 05:58 PM

I might get flamed, but I have no idea why the emaxx is so popular...
I told my little bro to get one, and helped him buy one from these forums that was already upgraded pretty far with the "essentials". He broke it every stinking run when him and I would drive. I was driving my savage twice as hard as him, and he'd just try to follow off a jump or something, and break stuff.
I felt terrible for talking him into the emaxx after seeing how poor it performed compared to my fairly stock savage flux. We eventually got it sold off, and bought a savage for him (again, from these forums) and he's loved it since.
I guess if you can dump 3X the price in rare parts into an emaxx it can be tough from the testimonials around here, but I personally wouldn't touch an emaxx with a 10' pole, unless it was a brushed one for dinking around in water/snow or something.
Whew, felt like I had on my chest forever...

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