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RC-Monster Carbon Fiber
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03.18.2015, 03:24 PM

Tried to use my huge Canyon tires whit the geode wheels but i kept killing the pins on the center driveshaft... They are just to heavy, but they really makes a good scale and hooks up great. And they have great gyro:

Used traxxas 17mm hexes for the Slash to mount them. Drilled to 8mm:

Found some new descent 23mm wheels! Thundertiger makes some!:

Bought some Panther paddles:

Didnīt really like how the Pantherīs hooked up in the rear so I bought some Proline 3.2 paddles and mounted on some old 40series 23mm Proline rims, had to cut them quite a bit:

Got some Rpm arms finally:
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