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Large Sensored Outrunner in a chainsaw?
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Large Sensored Outrunner in a chainsaw? - 12.10.2015, 09:11 PM

Hi Guys. Long time no chat.

I just stumbled across this and had to share.

I remember all the talks about outrunner motors and if they could be made sensored. Well Ryobi is using a large sensored outrunner to power chainsaws now.

According to this write up it is a 63/54 type sensored outrunner 300kv.

This really makes me want to get one, dissect it and start getting creative! :)

The sensor board only shows 5 leads?

How can this be adapted to run on popular sensored controllers using the 6 pin connector?

Is Johnrobholmes still around? LOL

Chime in guys. Let me know what you think.
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