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Originally Posted by dkexige View Post
This thread confuses me. Who let all the crazies out of the asylum?
See linc, I need you, there poking fun at me. I feel so unprotected without my pimp, and everything that goes with it- the big car, all those toys (not those ones!) and the box of parts you had. Who's gonna fix me up if I fall apart?

You were pretty fly for a white guy with an english accent. I feel so intimidated amongst all these hardcore racers and ....hey......wait a minute.....

Originally Posted by _paralyzed_ View Post
Linc- you complete me. You had me at hello. I'm nothing without you sweety. When we're posting with each other the world goes away and all that matters is you and I. I sit typing with one hand just waiting for you to write something. If you need time away, take it. I'll be right here waiting for you. Love will find a way. I know I've been selfish, I know I've been distant, but I can change. I won't use sex as a tool anymore, and I won't use tools during sex anymore. I know you're sore. We both need time to heal. The doctor said we could both still lead normal lives, but I can't live if living is without you.

Please come back
YOU'VE BEEN PIMPING A DISABLED MUPPET!!!!!!!! "We need to talk Lincoln" I can't beleive this. How long has this been going on? You told me I was more than cute and cuddly but how can I compete with that- cute, cuddly and has the sympathy vote!

Aahh, I see it all now.... you move away, stop posting and now all this. That'zit pimple, your in trouble now, HELL HAVE NO FURY LIKE A .... PANDA SCOURNED.

My fat cousin 'Kungfu Panda' has got nothing on me....

Aawwe yeah, you better not show your face 'round here again!
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