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03.26.2010, 09:45 PM

Slash 4x4 uses 32P, If you know how to set the mesh then there should be no problem with stripped gears. E-Revos and E-Maxxs both come with the same 32P gears, I've had both and I've never stripped a spur gear. In fact the only spur gears I have ever stripped are the Mod1 nitro revo spurs when I ran a nitro revo. IMO the motor mount on the revos sucked cause every time I had a bad landing and flipped it stripped the spur gear cause the motor would move just enough to mess up the mesh. Running E-revos, E-maxxs, and my RC8T(this is Mod1) no matter how bad the crash, no stripped gears! Just learn to set your mesh and tighten down the motor properly and stick with the 32P which gives you more gearing options

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