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04.09.2011, 04:25 PM

Bringing this out of the depths!

I have a box of random rc parts. Most are for planes, but I have one or two parts for cars/trucks. This is good quality stuff that is actually worth quite a pretty penny. I'm getting rid of it since I'm 90% out of the rc scene as of right now, and I don't feel like selling it. This was always my favorite rc site, so I'm giving up the goods to you guys.

Now, I'd like to minimize my shipping costs and give this all to one person, so here is my request:
** Who ever picks this up can cherry pick what they want, and then I ask you post the remaining stuff back on this thread for someone else to have. Please do not re-sell it for profit. I also ask you to keep with the spirit of this thread and include something of yours as well. **

Thanks for your time and here are the items:

- Brand new Yutong 3s 3200mah lipo
- Dualsky 3s 1300mah 25c lipo
- Dualsky 3s 1700mah 17c lipo
- Rhino 2s 360mah lipo
- 3x Brand new 2DogsRc 2gram Micro outrunners (great for kyosho minium or parkzone micro planes)
- Duratrax Vendetta on-road front bumper
- Duratrax ICE temp guage
- Random outrunner flight pack (for use with the rhino 2s 360mah lipo)
- Xray Xb8 wing mount (one mount is gone)

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