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07.13.2011, 07:16 AM


Metal shim again:


And the nut:

And this is how it looks assembled, Modified to the left, stock to the right:

The result is way beyond all expectations, it works flawless, If you put some work in it and doing everything slowly and perfect you will have indestrucible shocks.

I have beating the snot out of these babys for many hours now and I havent bent a single one! Neither do they leak any oil at all.

There is a few important things that you have to get right in order to make this work.

The hole in the lower shock cap and the shock body must be perfect, I drilled them up in a way that made the shafts go slightly unsmooth when I test fitted them in the shock, by doing that you can be sure to not get any leaks.

You have to shim between the shock spring retainer and the shock end, otherwise the piston will blow the upper shock cap off when the shock bottoms out.....And that won´t be good at all.

The shock will end up slightly longer than stock, So the ride height is limited by the a-arms touching the skidplates, high and good for bashers, bad for racers.

Now go and get yourselfs some awsome home made supershocks!

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