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06.21.2017, 09:59 PM

Hopefully the modded MM still works. I am running an original Sidewinder SC that sat for at least 4 yrs, maybe 5. It gets a bit hot with the 4600 motor on 2s, but it is not fan cooled. I also have an original sidewinder that I plan to put into use on a crawler with an outrunner.

I bought the sidewinder sc combo with the sensored 1410 motor. For 100 bucks I could not pass it up, buying either separately just did not make sense to me. The esc is replacing the old sc in my 2wd pede, and the motor will go in the 4wd pede. I plan to run on 3s in the 4wd, so draw will be higher. Figure the MM will do the job. I do also have a sidewinder 8th that I have never used, so it may get tasked the MM gives it up. I wonder how the capacitors have aged? My old sidewinder sc does cog a bit on startup, so it may have lost some cap strength. I will add a glitch buster cap to it when I re purpose it, perhaps that will help? I have a 2300kv 1406 chinese 4 polo motor that may get used with that sidewinder on 3s with the bec disabled. See what it can do.
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