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06.20.2010, 05:56 PM

hey guys,
thanks for the feedback. glad to hear the dogbones on crt are same as the scrt. i will hit you up on the brake parts.

as for the ERC towers i happened to be online when i got and email and saw a post on rctech from Brandon saying the first set of towers were ready. i had paid him within 60 seconds of the first email to go out. i got mine on wed of this week. they are pretty sweet and surprisingly light. but here is a tip. go with the losi shocks or the D8 shocks. both run about 97mm front and 112 rear. i made the mistake of getting mbx6 shocks and they are 112mm front and 135 rear and too long. i have the front mbx6 shocks on the rear for now and will probably just get the d8 set for the front.

edit: oh yeah the rear brace is Fioroni and is their flex chassis brace for the 8ight. they make flex chassis braces for several different vehicles and i have always used them since i first tried them. they make the ride have more more feel and input and just feels more plush around the track. i buy them from amain and just try to choose the one that will fit whatever i am building. they arent hard to make work. just drill a hole in your chassis and mount it up to rear bulkhead where the stock brace would go. sometimes some minor mods may be needed to make work but nothing that takes more than a few minutes. just get everything mounted up before you drill the hole in your chassis so you dont make mistake. also, you can dial in the amount of flex you want by using 8mm washers to limit travel.

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