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06.05.2007, 12:00 PM

Hey I just ran it about a half hour ago. HOLY SH*T this thing is FAST! You know that video of the 134 MpH car? No it doesn't go 134 MpH, probably half of that. I dont know for sure because I don't have a GPS, and my street wouldn't allow me to reach terminal velocity anyways. Here is a picture of my street for reference:

There's an airport a couple miles from my house. I might go down there and ask to borrow their runway. But seriously it was going at least 50 MpH before I had to turn. Even then it drifted around the whole sidewalk. You can see the sidewalk in the second picture behind the light pole. It runs very well though. The motor does get really hot to the touch, but anything would with 1000W+ going through it. The ESC gets warm to the touch, and the batteries don't even flinch. I need some stickier tires though. Do you guys have any suggestions?

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