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01.27.2010, 11:47 PM

Originally Posted by Metallover View Post
My hyperion 0610i is rated for 250w. If I get a ps rated for 250w, can I expect 20a@12v? 500w = 40a@12v?

Newegg has a lot of cheap power supplies for around $20, or even less. The OP is over 3 years old, and it said a suitable PS would cost about $40. Can these $20 power supplies be trusted?

Maybe this one? -
No. A huge chunk of the power, especially on older PSUs is on the 5V and 3.3V rails. You want to look at the stats of the PSU and get something with a single 12V rail that can handle a lot of grunt. These also happen to be the most expensive kind :)

Something like this would be good, dunno how much you're willing to spend though. This is the cheapest quality PSU that looks like it will do the job is

Details under 'resources' tab here

30A @12V = 360W seems ample :)

edit: I just noticed the one you linked has the output table in one of the photos. IT is rated for 25A @ 12V, or 300W which seems like it could be OK. That is, of course, inferring from that table that it is a single 12V rail. It is plausible it could have multiple rails, and could be giving a combined 12V power rating.

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