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Brushless UE Projects
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Brushless UE Projects - 12.06.2010, 01:22 PM

Well guys I wanted to post these here because I know there is a wealth of knowledge over here about brushless rigs and a lot of our members from UE spend time here so I thought some of you might appreciate these builds. I have a UE Lightning and a Dace Predator I am building. Both are going to be brushless trucks and these two are the best 2 RC's I have ever owned ( with my PRP Berzerker a close 3rd...)

I will update as progress unfolds, still getting a couple parts together for both builds so these will be winter time builds since it is cold and snowy here now. Enjoy and please comment on your thoughts. I figured I would like to introduce myself in a good way here, UE forum is really the only place I had been active at where these trucks are truly appreciated. I hope you guys like them as well. I am sure I will run into some questions along the way, Jerry and Lito always talk about RCM Forums with great respect.

UE Lightning before :

UE Lightning after anodizing :

Dace Predator Brushless conversion with RCM Universal Center Diff mount, this one also is getting custom anodizing treatment :

Before :

After anodizing, I got the Predator chassis trimmed so my spur will clear with no issues while using the RCM mount :

I am most excited about building these two trucks....
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