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01.02.2018, 04:00 AM

Well a little bit of an update here.


Yes, Im accepting the fact that for basement enjoyment and competitiveness against a 1/18th AE Apex I will have to convert to awd.

Currently configured, I cant even get to half throttle without the back end stepping out, and unfortunately its stopping me from being competitive.

Secondly for switching, is braking. Rwd is fun and all, but as we know electric motors act as a drag brake when throttle is released, letting off the throttle steps the back end out, and the car doesnt stop quick enough for me with only rwd.

So I have a few options here on how to convert it back to awd while still maintaining the stretched chassis.
1) order another drive shaft, cut and splice them
2) cut current shaft, add a section, then mate them again
3) fabricate a new male end of the shaft and attach it to current shaft.

Ive so far gone with the 3rd option, going to run it and see how it goes, if it can handle the power and is durable, I will run it as is.

Because of the awd I will need to slightly tweak the chassis.
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