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06.22.2017, 01:33 PM

Damn, I just saw this!

I like the conversion, and the 8th scale stuff will be a lot stronger than anything using the stock undersized hubs.... My pede 4x4 is almost done with the HPI/Mip setup. Just waiting on longer cups for the diffs. Hopefully the traxxas revo cups designed to go with the setback arms will do. I swapped the outdrives in the stock diffs with maxx/revo outdrives to get up to 6mm from the stock 5mm. I honestly have no idea why they did not just go with slayer driveshafts... Garbage 2wd pede/rusty driveshafts were a joke from day 1. Looking back I should have with slayer/modded revo driveshafts or something like that.

Or gone with 8th buggy arms, hubs, the whole deal. I remember when David Lamontagne (i cant speak french) did an 8th buggy arm and hub swap on the pede 2wd I got from him. I still have pics of that, may need to dig that up.
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