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Originally Posted by emaxxdriver18
yes i have great batts that are 4200 and zaped with a 977 for a charger i run 12 cells and will these set ups run faster than the hv-maxx and what wind sould i get i will race on a small track and want enough tourqe to wheelie down the back strech and what do i need to do so my truck can handle the motor
If your gonna stay w/ 12 cells, go w/ the 7XL motor.

Yes. These setups will out perform a HV-maxx setup. Wheelies on command.

-Slipper: Strobe is best. Robinson can do ok if you already have it and use a heavier spring.
-Steel Idler in the Tranny. RC-Monster or UE
-CVDs. As squee said. UE is best. MIP will due ok also. Avoid the cheapo ebay cvds. They are just crap.
-Diffs: Stock will probably be OK to start, but you will eventually need to build them up. I ran quite while on the stock diffs before having problems, but Stockers will only hold up so long. Then the recomendations squee made are right on the money.

That should get you in the game.

If you are gonna race though. I would look at upgrading he chassis to the Gmaxx. HUGE improvement in handleing and overall drivability with your new found brushless power. Also, upgrade the stock steering servo to something with at least 150oz (180oz is better) of torque and faster speed than the stock.

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