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Originally Posted by Chadworkz View Post
Does anyone know if UE/Ofna 8-Spider diffs will fit in mike's V3 cases?
I was thinking about trying the 8-spider diffs or a set of Torsen diffs. I'm reluctant though because for my use I don't think $200 worth of diffs will be worth it. I'm just a little too obsessed with upgrading my gear!

Still waiting to see if Mike has anything to say about the diff wobble. Might go ahead and order some Ofna or Mugen diff cups and see if that fixes the issue. Otherwise there are Hyper ST Pro diffs on Ebay for about $16 each, and they have the same slightly spiral cut gears like the V3's. The diff pinions that came with the V3 kits would most likely work fine with them. The Hyper ST ring gears seal with an O-ring instead of a paper gasket if that makes any difference?

What do you guys think, try just getting new diff cups, or go for the complete diffs? Or wait a bit more and see if we find an easier fix?
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