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12.26.2012, 10:08 PM

Originally Posted by _paralyzed_ View Post
How are you guys saying this is a good deal when you don't know what kind of car it is?

If it's a no-name one off parts will be difficult if not impossible to find.

If it's a clone of a popular model it will be a money pit as everything (including the engine) will break quickly and need to be replaced.

Now, as something to re-sell it seems like a good buy regardless. The body will easily get $100+, as will the remote and the wheels/tires. So that's at least $300 resale value, if you want to resell.

But FloJo is talking about buying it to use as a driver. Without positive identification of the make/model I feel saying it is a bargain is a little bit short sighted.

I searched all over the WWW myself and looked at numerous 2wd 1/5 scale cars and have not been able to find this car. In fact the car FloJo pictured has a very minimal and "cheap" looking front top plate as compared to every other car I saw.

My conclusion- it's easily "worth" the asking price in parts alone, but as a driver or worthwhile candidate as a keeper we cannot accurately recommend without knowing more about the car.

Get the guy to send more pics!

i think its a great deal, in this hobby we make parts, if something borken and unavable, the make something new work, mod in diffrent diffs, make and emaxx spur adapter, or what ever else it needs,

thats what used to make this hobby great, back in the days when no one made a rtr brushless and we all helped with ideas insteed of just showing off our blinged out over the counter trucks..........

i miss thouse days.........that was back when rcm was amazeing, it was something special............

or i could have drank to much tonight......HAPPY NEW YEAR ALL

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......maybe they want to be more like novak
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I'm telling Patrick you said that!
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