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03.27.2016, 09:28 PM

The new stuff with an x on it from castle is awesome. mamba monster X. The Traxxas stuff with an x on it is not good. Xmaxx is not good. Plastic everywhere. I think they switched neodymium for plastic. 6s only, not castle, plastic motor mount. The esc burns and they fixed it with a pluginable fuse? That is not okay.

I'm lipo batteries are cheap. Telemetry is getting more awesome and powerful. Brushless servos are cool. Quad copter are amazing. The government and my grandmother think quad copter are plotting to take over the world. You have to have a license.

Mike has released some new stuff for the emaxx. He is hopefully working on a truggy chassis for the emaxx. Hopefully he will reply here.
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