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Great advertising.
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Great advertising. - 03.29.2011, 07:52 AM

No you guys are missing the mark totally. These are the cells sent back to them by customers who bought their "TRUE 150C" Lipos and did not work. So they are now placing them in a hardcase so no one can see what is actually in the pack. They are failed cells from other sales that have to be used somehow. They can't just throw them away once they are degrated. They charge them up as high as they will go and sell them as new 100C Lipos. Pretty cool idea, yes?

And you know they have to be good, because they sent some un-named guy to China where he became a genious on Lipo chemistry who mixes up the chemicals in their garage out back to put their own cells together. Add a new flame sticker and there you go. Kind of like taking a dump in a ziploc bag and shoving some wires into the bag. Voilla you have a bag of $hit that sells for $100, there you have it. Man these guys are good. Great batteries too. Just ask anyone who has them. Oh wait a minute, no one has them. BECAUSE THEY ARE SHITE!!!!

Oh I forgot the best part. The reason their packs are liter than anyone elses packs is because they drink diet Coke, which makes their Shite liter, right?


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