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04.23.2011, 02:39 PM

We don't have to prove anything. How come out of all the battery brands the lowley MA is the only ones with these so called 100+ c rated cells? Cause it's nonsense that's why. Neu energy doesn't have packs with these ratings and neither does Hyperion. Two of the top brands from my experiance. Ever notice how MA never shows what their cells actually look like? That's cause they look just like turnigy cells..... Not much to prove when a company ran out of a guys garage claimed to have better stuff than large multinational companies. Besides that I've met Brandon wilcox and he's full of shit. Spoke with him at rcx and it was clear that he knows very little about lipos and even less about the ratings or how many people know that it's bs. MA may work for some but most people can get packs just as good if not better for alot less elswhere. To me MA preys on the ignorance of many Americans nowadays in that if they see it on tv or in a magazine and it says it's the best then it must be right? Prove it is. Or how about revealing the sources or numbers of first time RC owners that use them in their slash to replace a ni-mh that you got your numbers from to conclude that it's a readers choice. How about a racers choice? I have only seen a handfull MA packs at the tracks in the last three plus years, and guess who's always using them....... Somebody with a rtr sc truck that wanted an upgrade from the stock pack. Well of course it seems better than the stick pack. Worth the money, not even close. Just the way they do business is a slap in the face to consumers IMO.

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