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11.27.2007, 04:15 PM

i run a 9xl on my revo. and its a little bit better then the 8xl cause it runs cooler and longer. i run my gearing at 19/36 with 4cells and its pretty fast. if you race i would get the center diff.
dont you think that gearing is a little tall? what temp do you get and how much does your truck weigh.

if I were you I would definatly wait until you have enough money to get a feigao. going from a standard to an xl motor, the power difference is amazing, and you will beable to gear higher. IDK about 19/36 high but definatly higher than 9/40. If you must go with the 4600 for a while you could try it on 4s if you have a 4s battery.. I hear a lot of ST guys running there 4600s on 4s and I havent seen any problems.
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