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RC-Monster Carbon Fiber
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05.02.2011, 03:50 AM

What can I say, the rpm a-arms are most impressive! Canīt belive they held up, Around 17feet drop from the highest point in the jump, doubble backflip, too much wind and It lost track a bit.. when I pulled the brakes to not overrotate it It just turned around. Landed backwards in some weird angle at one wheel and it all ended up like this.

I will get some ceramic bearings for the wheelaxels, keep breaking them.. Itīs so hard to get the outer rings of the bearing out from the knuckle when the bearings is blown, so I made a little slot in the knuckle to be able to bash it out:

I also drilled a few holes in the CC blower to let the airflow really flooow:

And that, is all for now
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