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05.20.2014, 05:11 PM

I'm pretty sure I missed some items. I got most of my stuff from Ebay, Amazon and JensonUSA. A few little things from the local bike and hobby shops. The controller came from Lyen in San Francisco.
I didn't list the tools I had to purchase to assemble the bike. But I do get to use them often, so I don't see it as a lost really.
I do get phone calls at times regarding my bikes. Kinda like how I use to receive calls asking for help on how to go faster with what they had with their RC dragsters. I've gotten emails from Australia, South America and Central America regarding my Raptor bike build. I'm not sure what is different with my bike vs the other Raptors out there, but mine seems to be a inspiration to build one as well. Kinda makes me feel good that I actually put something nice together vs my other stuff I build at times.
I'm still waiting on Adaptto to offer their Max-E controller. That will simplify the battery management and controller in one slap.
I enjoy my bigger garage now and you would probably fill it with all kind of projects once you settle back in the USA.

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