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RC-Monster Dual Brushless
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02.11.2018, 02:06 PM

Originally Posted by Kcaz25 View Post
They should apologize for the 3.3 diffs. Lol. looks like a fun truck. Give me this over the xmaxx anyday
To a point, i see where they were coming from. I't was a leaner meaner smaller nitro truck, when it started. I do agree that when they did the electric one, they should have bulked up the driveline to even handle the stock 6S 2200 KV Neu inspired motor setup. Much less the power that enthusiast's like us, put them through. I know personally i broke about 4 rear diffs (stockers) and 2 of RC-Monsters 1/8 diff conversion pinions. I really do hope that this durability improvment gets implemented into the other traxxas trucks in this category

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