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Xcelorin 1/8th scale esc.
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Xcelorin 1/8th scale esc. - 07.23.2011, 08:39 AM

Thank you for the information CarstenL. I very much appreciate it.

PS. If anyone else has had either good or bad experiences with their Xcelorin esc, please talk about what happen- and what you did to resolve the problems- if any.

Note: The Losi Xcelorin 1/8th scale esc is still one of the best looking esc's made, and I'm very curious if Losi/Horizon will re-release a newer version of this electronic speed control at some point in time. I do hope Losi is working on a new improved 1/8th scale esc- and if it looks similar to this first model- that would be quite nice indeed.

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