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04.30.2014, 04:43 PM

Hey snellemin, in your opinion, what are the better places to go for pre-built bike and system kits? Looking for:

- ~1000w+ system, maybe more.

- Disc brakes (if a pre-built setup)

- Bullet-proof reliable controller and motor that won't overheat. Something with a voltage range of 44v (12s lipo) to 90v (24s lipo) would be good. I understand hitting the higher wattages is easier with higher voltage, just want some flexibility.

- Decent price. You generally get what you pay for, but no sense in paying extra for no reason. :)

- Speeds around 30mph (give or take) on flats. Mostly on-road use with possible trails. Iowa is mostly flat, but in the city near rivers, there tends to be larger hills to surmount.

- Distance is not really a factor as I can add more capacity as needed (at the expense of added weight of course).

Mainly to be used for cruising with little to no pedaling. Not worried about any laws as I'm not looking for speeds too high, but want the extra power to carry my large mass up hills without slowing to 1mph. So would rather have something slower if it means more torque.

Not sure yet if I want to convert my primary bike, but I do have an old (late 90's era) Trek that's just sitting around gathering dust. If converting something that old is going to be an issue (compatibility with old rim brakes, hard to find parts, etc), I figure a pre-built may be a better alternative.

I've read lots of threads on Endless-Sphere, but like any hobby, there are haters, exaggerated claims, fanboys, etc so it's hard to separate the good info from the crap.
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