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05.01.2014, 12:16 AM

You can do the same as what HPC offers. Stealth is a different animal.

The MagicPie II is offered without a built-in controller. The wheel that comes with is pretty good. Mine is still on. Goldenmotor is a decent company. I have nothing against Crystalyte, but I wouldn't spend my money on the H35 series. I would rather get the H40 series.

Lyen does have a day job. He answers all my emails and ships out quick. I like the fact that when I have issues, it would only take an email to get my problems solved. Lyen will swap out your fets for a fee if you decide to go a different route power wise. Tell him what features you want enabled and what version CA you will be using.

The ping won't be enough for you. You can find BMS's on ebay if you really want one. Em3ev also sells good prebuild packs for your high power needs. But going lipo is the cheapest option for high power.

The throttle is variable but the 3 speed switch is good to have when having a high power setup for better throttle control. You can program your own speed limits. You'll find out what I mean once you start riding.

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