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07.01.2010, 05:33 PM

ok. here are my pics of the front bumper setup. i used a 4x4 slash rpm font bumper, a TBR bumper brace, and the stock plastic shock tower part.

first cut the arms off the "Y" shaped stock part. i shaped mine to be the same shape as the tbr brace. then you need to use a dremel or 1/8 drill bit and grind out a tiny portion of material from your ERC tower where you see the screws with purple locknuts mounted in the pics.

mount the plastic piece to your ERC tower through the bottom holes that mount to the top of the bulkhead.

then mount your tbr brace through the top holes of the plastic part and through the tower. secure on the back with locknuts.

next, mount up the slash bumper. the stock holes line up close enough to just mount to the chassis.

line up the holes in the tbr brace to your slash bumper and drill 2 holes. counter sink, and then screw it together. viola! (the wire you see in the pics is my AMB transponder)

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