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07.08.2010, 04:50 PM

Originally Posted by JoFreak View Post
Nice, what did you use for the rear bumper and what shocks are those?
Mechanikal brake parts are from the CRT.5 I guess?
Centerdiff CF top plate from the CRT.5 as well?
Did you make the upper steering plate yourself?
Slash front or rear offset on those wheels?

Don't you think the ESC switch is in a disadvantageous location?
Especially if it is in the off position as shown in the first picture.

Lot's and lot's of questiions, I know...

rear bumper is a TBR skid with the losi LST bumper screwed to it.

front shocks are losi Ten T rear shocks

center top plate and brake parts are all from CRT.5

front top plate i made from 2mm carbon

regular slash 4x4 wheels

the on/off switch i moved. i just put it there for the pics. but i knew it wouldnt last long there.

tonight is race night and i have made some adjustments from last week. i am hoping it drives a bit better tonight and i can get it dialed in.

on another note my Ten T is coming along. Got my carbon shock towers started on last night. i will start a new thread on it soon.

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