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11.13.2014, 11:44 AM

Yeah, I didn't want to clutter the first post so much with too much details about goal right away.

I'm not looking for a "single pass" Guinness speed record breaker, but rather want something that can do around 90-100 mph reliably, for a full battery and on surfaces that might not be the smoothest and appropriate for true GT speeds - something similar to what I can do with my 8ight-T:, but a little bit faster, lighter and better handling. Something that makes going full throttle feel a little bit less like playing Russian Roulette :).

I'm reading that a lot of guys seem to prefer buggies for "real world" road speed machines over GTs, as buggies handle uneven surfaces a bit better. Hence my initial choice for buggy. My preference for the 8ight comes from the "common spare part pool" that would give with my 8ight-T. That being said, the set-up in the vid below looks pretty cool too, and I'm wondering whether such a GT can be set-up for crappy streets as easy as a buggy can be set-up for on-road use.

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