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11.25.2014, 05:18 AM

Will these items work together?
Is that your question?
If so, then yes, an EVX esc (gen1) will work with the Traxxas Titan 16.8v motors and your 14.4v batteries.

You can use the your 14.4v batteries to run the EVX and power the 16.8v Titan motors.
The original esc for the Traxxas EMaxx 3906, the Novak made EVX is rated to work with batteries up to 14.4v; which is 2 6cell Nimh batteries.

The Traxxas 16.8v Titan motors will work with batteries with a voltage up to 16.8v.
When you run the EVX esc you can only use up to 14.4v. If you use batteries with more volts then 14.4v then you may damage or fry your EVX esc.

If you run the newer Traxxas EVX-2, that esc will work with batteries up to 16.8v; which is 2 7cell Nimh batteries.
More voltage, more torque, higher top speeds.
Also, the newer EVX-2 esc's have Lipo cut off so you could run 2, 7.4v lipos and set the esc to stop running before you damage your Lipo batteries.
Lipos equal even more speed and torque.

So go ahead and hook it all up and run your EMaxx.
When you get tired of going 23mph and want to go faster, then upgrade to a Mamba or Tekin 1/8 brushless Truggy system set up.
If you want to upgrade your speed on your Maxx on the cheap, then check out Kershaw Design's website. They have some cool oversized brushed motors you can put in your Monster Truck.

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