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Hugo Stiglitz
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11.25.2014, 05:34 AM

I've always wanted to build an EMaxx with a Kershaw Brushed Motor set up.
I have a spare Gorillamaxx G4 chassis that I might use to do just that.
I do Want to build a basher out of the G4 (my other 3 G4 trucks are set up for racing) for my nephews to run at the track, and of course for myself to run at the track and my own personal amusement running it up and down my neighborhood streets.

My Basher G4 Truck would include:

-] Gorillamaxx G4 Chassis.
-] UE Gen IV.
-] HCR Titanium Skidplates (Cut to GMaxx Skid Spec's).
-] GMaxx Towers or RacerX Towers.
-] Proline Powerstroke Shocks.
-] Kershaw Motors and a Traxxas EVX-2.
-] Brushless EMaxx Transmission and Traxxas Diff Kit (a must).
-] RPM Arms.
-] MIP Cvds.
-] GA Bulkheads w/SweetStrobe Braces.

I have 50% of the parts needed for this truck build. I have the first 5 items on the above needed to build list. Fortunately those are the harder to find parts, so I wont have search the globe and overpay for them. Now I just need some extra cash to buy the remaining parts I need to start and complete the build.

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