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08.31.2008, 09:19 PM

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aloha Guys,
I have decided to order the Castle Creations Mamba Monster controller V2, I know i might be waiting a little but that will give me sometime to think about what motor to get. I was looking to a Neu motor but I cant decide which (i really dont know or fully understand) motor to get. Its not for racing compititions but i still want it decently fast maybe 50-60s if possible. I have a warrior controller but that burned out and a fiego motor. I wanted to go to lipos too and have to read a little on that too about care and what size to get. but for now the motor is on question. By the way is the Castle Creations Mamba Monster controller V2 a good controller for longevity? I guess if there are any suggestions on lipos to get for the set up would be good too. THanks for all the information and help. Makana

By the way I have a older style emaxx about 4 years old. I has a gmaxx single speed tranny, hardened steel internals. UE CVDs, hot bodies gearing, fast lane frame, 23mm hex, and some other things I cant think of. I think its strong enough on the outside to handle a bigger brush. Thaks again Makana
IMO keep your speeds at 40-50 mph range...thats pretty fast for a offroad vehicle if you want a faster vehicle go with an on road car and I run the 3.3 slider driveshafts and they are very strong never a problem
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