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Originally Posted by Jahay View Post
ok finsster how would i maintain mech brakes if i wanted to keep them?

You are also talking abuot gearing which is important regarding space between the tvps etc...
Do you think a 58/14 gear combo work/fit? (that would bring me to around 53mph, i think)
What gearing do people usually use when gearing for 50 using a cd?
The mount you choose needs to have the 3mm tapped holes to mount the brake pads. The brake disks just slide over the diff output shaft. Lastly you need to have some sort of brake cam. Usually this is in the CD top plate. Kinda tricky with the motor mount there. The mount I was trying to design would have this on the side.
Lastly you have to figure out where to mount the brake servo, and tie that to the thr via a y-cable or a 3 chan radio.

=> Major pita to run mech brakes with a motor over diff type mount. Motor brakes is far simpler and prolly more effective.

As far as gearing goes, just figure out what final drive ratio you have now or what others are using in your app, and work the math back from there. If the diffs are 3.22, and you want a FDR of 14:1, divide 14/3.22. (4.35) That's your spur to pinion ratio. Then pick out a set of gears that is close and is reasonable for your app. In that ex, a 46/11 gearing would be close and a 46 spur is widely available. For a slipperential, the 50T spur is your best bet imo.

Note that the larger the spur, the farther below the TVPs the spur will hang, or you will have to raise the mount and run sharper angles on the driveshafts. Conversely, a v. small pinion will wear more quickly. Have to find a balance

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