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My New Build
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My New Build - 07.30.2010, 09:58 PM

Maxx Mutation, meet your replacement.

This one was started the end of 2009, and was originally going to be a twin inline outrunner chassis. I ended up deciding against that for numerous reasons. Simplicity was still a design priority however, so that meant it would not have a transmission. But being a pure basher, and not a racer, a center diff was not that appealing to me. I briefly considered a belt drive, specifically SDP-SI's new Conidrive series, but the available ratios would not have been easy to design around (driven pulley diameter and belt length). My next choice was Mod 1 gears, and the LST2's 63T spur fit the bill. Enough diameter to the keep the stress radius to a minimum. And keep it plastic hopefully, knowing I could switch to steel if needed. So my next move was drawing up the motor mount, which is a stressed member in this case. It is made of 1/2" aluminum, and I knew I wanted a centerdrive with an 8mm shaft. Having 1/2" to play with I went ahead and used two 8x16 bearings, where one would have been more than adequate.
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